Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello all supporters:

It is with much sadness and decision that we decided to cancel Riley's memorial race.  It is not because people lacked caring or remembering him.  We just did not have the numbers to do it this year.  We only had 15 people preregistered.  Even after going thru the data of messages and texts of people telling me they were coming we would not have had enough to even break even.  Financially we just could not do that and do not want to put that burden on the school.  Premier was wonderful in refunding the money to those that were already registered and did not charge us anything.

We hope that you always let Riley shine from within each of you.  I miss him terribly and think of him every moment of everyday. 

Thank you for caring and remembering him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

check out other blog :)

Hello all,

I have not updated on here for a long time but wanted to let everyone know that the other blog for Riley is  there is a link on there where you can register for his memorial run/walk.  Check out the site for more information


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long time, no blog :(

I am thinking about bloggin and stopping Riley's caringbridge is hard to decide.  I like the blog better because I can put video and unlimited pictures.  I love all the messages on caringbridge but I guess people can always shoot an e-mail or leave a message on the blog....what are your thoughts.
I miss Riley so so much....just watched a video on the blog of him.  It just seems like yesterday he was here.  I keep hearing his voice saying "mom" like he used to when he needed me.  He suffered so much in his short 9 years but had a lot of wonderful times too.
We took the kids sledding for a little while tonight.  They had a blast.  I always worried about that kind of stuff with Riley because of his shunt...he loved the snow, too.

Have a blessed evening ....stay warm!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life is so strange...the different paths it takes.  It is amazing to me how people come into your life.  The people you think would be a support, should be a support aren't.   Strangers  that lift you up and love you unconditionally that you have never met.  We all have had hurt and heartache in life....everyone does.  Some worse than others.  I think you get to a point in life where people can't hurt you anymore.  Things are just things....they can be replaced - people can't.  Memories, good and bad will ALWAYS be there.  People that TRULY support you are the ones I want to be surrounded by NOT the superficial people.  

I have my Faith,  I have my husband,  I have my kids, I have great friends, I have freedom, I have a job, I have a house, a car, food on my table.  I have the cross that promises that I will see my Riley again. 

Thank you to all of those that have supported us, love us, and pray for us.  We will always be thankful~~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here is Cooper putting his scoop of dirt on the tree--- with daddy observing :)

Kellar Farms provided this beautiful hot air balloon for everyone :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is the last picture that we took of Riley that he was still awake and alert. It was about 36 hours before he passed. These are some of the boys he went to school with. They had made him a Build-A-Bear FROG for his birthday. He gave them all high-fives before

they left. You can see the frog on the bed with him.